Vision is perspective. Challenging situations force companies to look at their business from every angle. It is especially difficult to approach the next horizon when you are so close to the issues. By seeing the market, your customers and your business from a unique perspective, Sherpa can guide you to new areas of potential growth. We collaborate closely with other firms and marketing professionals for a select number of clients.

Why employ a full team, full time when you need specialists to solve a specific challenge? Sherpa’s structure allows you to get exactly the resources you need, for the time required. While most engagements are long-term relationships, arrangements can also be on a daily or project basis. We always work on a streamlined process and deliver tangible results.

Select a seasoned team and travel light. That’s how you effectively develop a sizable initiative when you have limited resources. Sherpa identifies and oversees: great writers, designers, web developers, technology teams, research specialists, media planners, and PR professionals.

For programs that require full creative development, Sherpa will collaborate closely with your existing resources or with our partners for everything from: campaign development, media, design, social marketing, direct marketing, sponsorships and events.

Together we will map out an approach that meets your needs and achieves your goals.